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Vietnam has several major sources of the economy, manufacturing, information technology and high-tech industries. It is currently the third-largest oil producer in Southeast Asia.

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NUPRO Vietnam Joint Stock Company
Manufacturer & Trading Company from Hanoi, Vietnam

Product/Service: Herbal Extract, Essential Oil, Enzyme, Probiotic

Kim Minh Exim Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Product/Service: Animal Feed, Tapioca Residue, Cashew Husk Powder, Corn Silage, Brewer Dried Powder, Sugarcane Bagasse

Thai Binh Shellfish Company Limited
Manufacturer from Thai Binh, Vietnam

Product/Service: Frozen Clam, Clam, Brown Clam, White Clam, Clam Meat

Herbal Tea Shine Sun
Manufacturer from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Product/Service: Herbal Tea

Viet Delta Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer & Trading Company from Binh Thanh, Vietnam

Product/Service: Agriculture Waste, Wood, Sea Food, Food, Rice Husk, Cashew, Shrimp

Kim Vuong Export Import Joint Stock Company
Manufacturer & Trading Company from Hanoi, Vietnam

Product/Service: Cashew, Green Tea, Black Tea, Wet Salted Cowhide, Tapioca Starch, Ginger
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