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About Thailand

Thailand mainly exports include Thai rice, textiles and footwear, fishery products, rubber, jewelry, cars, computers and electrical appliances.

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Latest Suppliers

Bodex Co., Ltd.
Trading Company from Bangkok, Thailand

Product/Service: Sunflower Oil, Copper Scrap, A4 Copy Paper, Used Tractors, Agarwood/Oil, Lighters, Chicken Feet, Vegetable Oil

Pornwilai International Ltd
Manufacturer & Trading Company from Offered, Thailand

Product/Service: Office Paper, Copy Paper, A4 Paper, School Supplies, Photo Paper, Notebooks, Double A4 Paper, A4 Copy Paper

Alvas Plus
Manufacturer & Trading Company from Chiang Mai, Thailand

Product/Service: Copy Paper,Red Bull Energy Drink,Sunflower Oil,Sugar,Chicken,

Majestic Import Export Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer & Trading Company from Bangkok, Thailand

Product/Service: Donkey Hide, Cow Hide, Ug Grade Sisal Fiber, Ug Grade Sisal Fiber,

o&j Export Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer & Wholesaler from Nonthaburi, Thailand

Product/Service: Human Hair, Bags, Shoes

San Paper Trading Company
Manufacturer & Trading Company from Bangkok, Thailand

Product/Service: A4 Copy Paper, Double A, IK Plus, Quality, Copy Paper, Printing Paper, Xerox Multipurpose, Paper One
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