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South Korea

South Korea is Asia's fourth largest economy. The economy is export-driven, with production focusing on electronics, automobiles, ships, machinery, petrochemicals and robotics.

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Feel Korea
Wholesaler from Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea

Product/Service: Arasti Product, Aesthetic Medicine

Hans Korea Co., Ltd.
Wholesaler from Gyeongsangbuk-Do, South Korea

Product/Service: Medical Devices, Blood Glucose Test Strips, Therapy Cup, Massage Devices, Surgical Suture, Orthopedics Devices, Electronics Devices, Medical Equipments

Handsomecos Co., Ltd.
Wholesaler from Gyeongsang-Do, South Korea

Product/Service: Maskapack, Cleansing Pad, Cream, Serum, Ampoule Mist, Homme Wash, Feminine Wash, Suntone Brightner

Lotus International
Manufacturer from Jomaru Gil, South Korea

Product/Service: Bulletproof Faceshield /Visor, Demining Suit, Bulletproof Panel, Bulletproof Helmet, Bulletproof Shields, Bulletproof Vest, Body Armor, Navy Armored Vest

Klenz Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer from Gyunggi-Do, South Korea

Product/Service: Shoes Sterilizer, Shoes Dryer, Shoes Deodorizer, Equipment Sterilizer, Gas Mask Sterilizer, Helmet Sterilizer, Toy Sterilizer, Item Sterilizer

Happy l&b Cosmetic
Manufacturer from Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea

Product/Service: Skincare, Color Cosmetics, Hair Care, Face Care, Makeup, OEM, ODM, Private Label
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