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Saudi Arabia Oil RecyclingSaudi Arabia Oil PurificationSaudi Arabia Engine OilSaudi Arabia Oil TreatmentSaudi Arabia Oil RegenerationSaudi Arabia Engine Oil TreatmentSaudi Arabia LDPESaudi Arabia Oil FiltrationSaudi Arabia AlloySaudi Arabia Alloy WheelSaudi Arabia BlanketSaudi Arabia BronzeSaudi Arabia Gate ValveSaudi Arabia ValveSaudi Arabia FilteringSaudi Arabia Bronze Gate ValveSaudi Arabia Transformer Oil RegenerationSaudi Arabia Motor OilSaudi Arabia Picnic ChairSaudi Arabia WheelSaudi Arabia Gate
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About Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's command economy is petroleum-based; roughly 75% of budget revenues and 90% of export earnings come from the oil industry.

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Latest Suppliers

Esap3 Company Ltd.
Trading Company from Arriyad, Saudi Arabia

Product/Service: Modems, Routers

Khalid Al-Oufi Trading Est.
Manufacturer & Trading Company from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Product/Service: HDPE, LDPE, PVC, HIPS

Saudi Drums Factory Co.
from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Product/Service: Plastic Drums, HDPE Drums, Steel Garbage Container, Pet Straps

Waste Oil Recycling & Oil Purifier Co., Ltd
Manufacturer from riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Product/Service: VFD Double-Stage High-Efficiency Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier,GER Gas Engine Oil Regeneration System,Turbine Oil Purifier,Lubrication Oil Purifier

AL-Jawad Plastic & P.P. Factory
Manufacturer from AL-Hassa, Saudi Arabia

Product/Service: Flexible Packaging. Lamination Products (Bags/Rolls). polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE) Products. Polypropylene (PP, CPP) Products. BOPP, Polyester, Pearlize, Polyamide and Nylon, which is...

from riad, Saudi Arabia

Product/Service: trading bitumen
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