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Help global suppliers export to China.
Export to China
Help global suppliers export to China
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What's Export to China?

ECVV provides you a chance to find opportunities in China for international sales, explore government resources that can help your company do business in China. We can help you in several ways like finding information about China Customs and Shipping Information, with learning how to protect your IPR in China, in taking an assessment to determine if you are ready to do business in China, or learn about suspicious Chinese Business Practices. We are making trade safe and easy for the world at ECVV.com.

What Export to China can do for suppliers outside China?
Unit SERVICE Price (US$ per day)
Face-to-Face Meeting Arrangement 1500 (US$ per day)
Promotion Seminar Arrangement 6000 (US$ per day)
China Office Establishment 6000 (US$ per project)
China Marketplace Booth Renting 3500 (US$ per project)
China Business Travel Arrangement 700 (US$ per day)
"Export to China" Marketing Proposal 9,900 (US$ per project)
Purchasing Assistant Negotiable

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