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What's CreditPass?

CreditPass Member Service (CP Service) is a package of premium services for our VIP members who want more exposure on internet for better sales. There are 3 levels of CreditPass Membership, gold member, platinum member and diamond member. ECVV CreditPass Member can enjoy following services: professional website and Premium logo display, update of the approved trade leads automatically, private showroom, priority listing in buyer searches, buyer IP address positioning, buyer matching, face to face meeting with global buyers and global buyers database developing etc.

What CreditPass can do for suppliers outside China?
Professional Company Website
Professional Company Website
You can create and make a professional-looking company website with 7 design templates. These templates will make you easily set up your company website and look professional in less time. You can also recommend 10~20 products to your Homepage.
Priority Listing in Buyer Searches
Priority Listing in Buyer Searches
You can get your company or product listed higher than free members on the search result pages.
Face to Face Meeting
Face to Face Meeting
ECVV holds face to face meetings for global buyers & quality premium suppliers every year.
Buyer IP Address Positioning
Buyer IP Address Positioning
ECVV provides you with buyer IP address positioning, thus you can judge buyers more accurately and efficiently.
Get free promotion at China major trade shows
Get Free Promotion at China Major Trade Shows
ECVV.com will attend over 40 top trade shows every year in China. Featured supplier and product info will be promoted via special CD and magazine.

ECVV CreditPass Member Service
Member Service Diamond Member Platinum Member Gold Member
Member Logo Diamond Member Platinum Member Gold Member
Product Information No Quantity Limit 1000 pcs 500 pcs
Search List Rank Diamond > Platinum Platinum > Gold Gold > Free
Main Page Products Show 20 Pictures 15 Pictures 10 Pictures
Customer Service VIP Service VIP Service Service Center
Private Showroom Available Available Unavailable
Sub-Accounts 15 10 5
Online Client Managing System Available Available Unavailable
Online Consultant Available Available Unavailable
Price US$ 2500/Year US$ 1299/Year US$ 649/Year
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Service Dept for Overseas Members

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Fax: +86 731 89824148
Email: support@ecvv.com
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