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Italy mainly exports engineering products, textiles and clothing, production machinery, motor vehicles, transport equipment, chemicals, food, beverages, tobacco, etc…

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in Blu s.r.l
Manufacturer from Campania, Italy

Product/Service: Reed Fence, Reed Cane, Cane Fencing, Reed Mats Woven with Galvanized Iron Wire, Fences, Shading Roof, Reed Screening, Arundo Donax

Trading Company from Torino, Italy

Product/Service: Apples, Fruit, Kiwi

ML Elettromedicali Srl
Manufacturer & Trading Company from Massa Lombarda, Italy

Product/Service: Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Equipment, Ultrasound Equipment, Ultrasound Machines, Veterinary Ultrasound, Physiotherapy Machines, Electrotherapy Machine, Electromedical...

Microspore S.P.A.
Manufacturer & Trading Company from Molise, Italy

Product/Service: Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizers, Biological Fertilizers, Seaweed Fertilizers, Bio-Stimulant Fertilizers

Alesa Tech Srls
Manufacturer from Lmbardia, Italy

Product/Service: Portrable in Line Boring Machine, Overlay Rotary Welding Machine, Portable Flange Facing Machine, Portable Line Borer, CNC Line Boring,

Gruppo Capitalia
from Milan, Italy

Product/Service: Financial, Loans, Monetary, Money
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