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Hong Kong has a major capitalist service economy characterized by low taxation and free trade, and the currency, Hong Kong dollar, is the ninth most traded currency in the world.

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Xinfeng Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer from Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Product/Service: Quat 188, Sodium Gluconate, Styrene Acrylic Emulsion, DTPMPA, AKD Emulsion, Surface Sizing Agent, AKD WAX, Soda Ash Light

Cone Industrial Co., Ltd.
Business Service (transportation, finance, travel, ads, etc) from Hongkong, Hong Kong

Product/Service: Soya Lecithin, Sunflower Lecithin, Soya Protein, Soya Diet Fiber, Isomalto-Oligosaccharide(IMO), Fructose-Oligosaccharides(FOS), Waterproof Material, Switchable Glass

Avatar Trading Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer & Wholesaler from Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Product/Service: Charger, Cable, Headphone

Week Technology Ltd
Wholesaler from Mong Kok, Kln.,, Hong Kong

Product/Service: Gas Sensor,Humidity Sensor,Pressure Sensor,UV Sensor,CO2 Sensor,CO Sensor,H2S Sensor,O2 Sensor,

Ibero Promotion Arts & Crafts Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Trading Company from Hongkong, Hong Kong

Product/Service: Powder Puff, Eyelash, Face Brush, Eyeline Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Nail Pigment Glitters

Hongkong Qm Limited
Manufacturer & Wholesaler from 29-35 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Product/Service: Mosquito Killer Lamp, Innovation Mosquito Trap, Mosquito Trap, Mosquito Killer, Photocalyst Mosquito Killer, Electric Mosquito Swatter, Bug Zapper, Insect Killer
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